The 10 best ICEBERG snus flavors you must try

Snus are those tobacco products that have become so popular in Sweden that it is said that Swedes are addicted to snus. Unlike snus, which is consumed through small pouches that are discreetly placed under the upper lip, chewing tobacco is consumed through so-called mouth tobacco sticks that are inserted into the mouth hole. Apart from the numerous snus blends, ICEBERG is the cult brand par excellence in terms of quality and variety.

This article is your ultimate tour of the delicious world of ICEBERG snus. With the 10 most amazing flavors mentioned above, you must make the best choice. In addition, we have introduced you to the "Crazy Mix", another unparalleled flavor that you should not miss! So this is going to be a great taste tour with ICEBERG snus!!

All Icebergs come in a range of different flavours alongside the regular flavour - Black, Cherry Apricot Gum, Cola, Crazy Mix, Dragon Fire, Mango Banana, Ninja Orange, Raspberry Gum, Strawberry Banana Gum, Strawberry Mango Gum and Watermelon Mint Gum.

Here are the top 10 flavors:

  1. Iceberg gummy bears

ICEBERG Gummy Bears

ICEBERG gummies are the ultimate way to make smoking a pleasant experience that will bring back the magical memories of your sweet childhood days. One of the most satisfying and appealing snacks for anyone who wants to enjoy something sweet and delicious. The best Iceberg snus is unique in that you don't have to deal with ash, smoke or stench. Each can contains 20 packs of soft and juicy pouches that you need whether you need energy or want to relax after a long day.

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  1. Iceberg Raspberry Gum

ICEBERG Raspberry Gum

The coolness of ICEBERG Raspberry Gum mint matches the taste of raspberries. Sentence created by: Sranko. Every time I put a small packet in my mouth, the raspberry gives off an aroma that tells me that the delicious, cold feeling is about to come. It reminds me of a raspberry that resembles a raspberry, with a peppermint-fresh and invigorating mint flavor that cools and refreshes the lips. The minty-fruity Raspberry Iceberg chewing gum with real raspberry juice is not only sweet and refreshing, but also healthy, because this fruit helps regulate sugar and blood pressure levels.

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  1. Iceberg Crazy Mix


For fans of mango and citrus flavors, the enjoyment of Iceberg Crazy Mix snus will be unforgettable. The mix of sweet and sour notes reaches its peak at this point, resulting in snus that feels both refreshing and stimulating. The taste is spectacular and astonishing and is perceived by the taste buds as a fruit that makes you reel with its pleasantly sharp taste. If you are tired of having ash, smoke and a terrible smell on your fingers, we have developed the best Iceberg snus: high-quality tobacco-free products of the new generation. Each can contains 20 soft flavor chips that are perfect to satisfy all your cravings. Whether you need that extra boost or want to relax after a hard day, this is the best product for you.

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  1. Iceberg Arasaka


Introducing Iceberg Arasaka, a super strong nicotine pouch that is one of the most attractive on the market! The tiny sachets embody the exact word, delivering a whopping 50mg of nicotine per gram that you feed to those who already know how to handle their dose. Each pouch contains 50mg of nicotine, and that's exactly the amount that you can be sure is more than enough to make you feel good. Since this is a strong product, we guarantee the biggest kick right now, which is not for beginners. If the thought of a strong dose of nicotine really appeals to you, you're in luck because Iceberg Arasaka has just the thing for you!

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  1. Iceberg Energy


Are you looking for something special that not only gives you the nicotine boost you need, but also acts as an energy booster for the whole day? Then give Nicotine Iceberg Energy a try, powered by blueberry energy drinks. With the contents of this bag, it is quite possible to provide yourself with the best steaks and potato dishes every day for a longer period of time.

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  1. Iceberg Kiwi Strawberry

ICEBERG Strawberry

Are you looking for a tempting and not too obvious way to get the "kick" you want? If you are looking for a frozen kiwi strawberry pouch, you are in luck! Refresh the frozen dessert of strawberry, kiwi and dried berries and enjoy the best taste of fruits and juices. They are the perfect flavor for people who do not want to quit smoking but want a stronger nicotine kick. The strawberry and kiwi berry flavor is very delicate, powerfully fruity and like no other sweetness that every tongue will like.

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  1. Iceberg Grape Gum


If you want to experience a strong nicotine rush and a captivating taste, this is the snus for you. The 'Iceberg Grape Gum Snus' would be the perfect choice for you. The pure grape essence with a crunchy texture creates an explosion of flavor in every snus. This snus is a must try!

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  1. Iceberg Black


Imagine a piece of iceberg with a strong kick and an intoxicating taste dripping down the throat. ICEBERG's Black Snus is specially designed for nicotine lovers who love the nicotine rush! Iceberg Black transforms us into a fitter and healthier nation, offering uncompromising taste and enhancing performance: The fruity taste of the pouch is a welcome appeal to the taste buds, because with each puff the experience is more than just nicotine consumption, but rather a pleasant sensory experience. The brand is aimed at people who want a strong nicotine hit, the enjoyment of the taste and the satisfaction of the need for nicotine at the same time.

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  1. Iceberg Double Apple

ICEBERG Double Apple

If you are looking for a product that offers a hard nicotine hit and a delicious and intoxicating taste at the same time, then you may have found it. This product called ICEBERG Double Apple Snus is the solution to your search. In addition to the original snus, this innovative variant combines the taste of fresh berries and sweet apple, making it particularly refreshing and intense. A snus that you absolutely have to try!

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  1. Iceberg Strawberry Banana Gum

ICEBERG Strawberry Banana Gum

The words Iceberg Strawberry Banana Gum will bring you a contented freedom: by grabbing a piece of the taste of a mixture of sweet strawberry and creamy banana, you can enjoy the combination of flavors. With each use, the sensational taste of this tobacco-free pack will satisfy your overwhelming cravings. This wonderful fragrance will take you back to the extraordinary moments when you enjoy the wonderful aromas of banana-strawberry sweetness for the sake of the incredible taste of the fruit. You have to try it!

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Dive into the delicious realm of Iceberg Snus and experience it now! Discover a wonderful melody of taste sensations and start an incredible snus journey that no one has experienced before. There is a hidden scent that beckons until you find your perfect choice. Buy your all-time favorite brand of Iceberg Snus. What's so special about it? The world of Iceberg Snus is constantly evolving, as new flavors will be available in the near future. If you sign up for our newsletter, you will always be informed about all new products and special offers. For your convenience, we maintain a social media account to keep you up to date with the latest news, updates and our snus content.

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