About Us

Snustrend was founded in 2021 by a group of young entrepreneurs, friends and nicotine enthusiasts. Dominic Dietziker was the driving force behind the development of Snustrend and has served as CEO and the face of Snustrend since the company was founded. Dominic (or as the Snus family calls him: Döme) came up with the idea of ​​his own snus online store during one of his occasional snus purchases at the kiosk. In Dominic's opinion, the kiosk and the other distributors sold the snus far too expensively. He could hardly afford to get his snus, especially since he was still an apprentice. In addition, there was the route he always had to take to the nearest kiosk. A solution was needed. Dominic's answer to this problem was Snustrend. After numerous hours of work and almost losing his job, all of his friends could now order new snus online quickly and cost-effectively. Even today, Dominic continues to build on his passion for snus and tobacco products at Snustrend and the Snusfamily. His goal with Snustrend is to be the alternative to the kiosk, to guarantee the best and fastest consumer experience, and to create a community around Snustrend.