Introduction to the world of Siberia Snus

Welcome to the frosty north of the snus world! Today we're taking you on a journey through the icy expanses of Siberia without having to leave our warm chairs. We're introducing you to the Siberia brand - one of the strongest and most well-known snus brands on the market. With its distinctive character and incomparably high nicotine strength, Siberia is not just a name, but a statement for all snus lovers who are looking for the ultimate kick. In this article, we'll look at the three most well-known products in the Siberia series, which impress even the most experienced snus users with their intense aroma and powerful effect.

1. Siberia -80°C Black Dry Extremely Strong

The name says it all: this snus is not for the faint of heart. Siberia -80°C Black Dry Extremely Strong is one of the strongest snus products on the market. With a nicotine content that is many times higher than conventional snus varieties, this snus offers an extremely intense experience. The name "Black Dry" refers to the dry and white texture of the pouches, which contain less moisture and thus guarantee a longer shelf life and a cleaner snus experience. The taste? An explosive mixture of icy mint and a hint of spearmint that not only clears your airways, but also offers a long-lasting aroma.

2. Siberia Slim White Dry Extremely Strong

For those who expect the same strength and quality from Siberia but prefer a more discreet option, the Siberia Slim White Dry Extremely Strong is the perfect choice. This variant comes in a slimmer pouch format that allows for a more comfortable and less visible placement under the lip. Despite the smaller volume, the intensity of the experience remains unchanged, with the same high nicotine content and the signature ice-cold mint flavor that is so typical of the Siberia brand.


Siberia Snus sets standards in the world of snus, with products that impress with their exceptional strength and quality. Whether you are looking for the extreme kick of Siberia -80°C or the discreet strength of Siberia Slim, one thing is certain: Siberia will take your snus experience to a new level. Visit our webshop Snustrend to discover these and other exciting snus options. Whether you are an experienced snuser or a curious beginner, Siberia offers a unique experience that you should not miss.

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