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    About VELO

    Snus has a long history in Scandinavia and is now more common in Sweden than cigarettes. Over the years, snus products have been continually developed and perfected to suit different taste preferences. A modern development is tobacco-free snus varieties that still contain nicotine.

    Snustrend offers a unique selection of VELO snus. What makes VELO special is that, unlike other types of snus, it does not contain tobacco, without affecting the intense and spicy taste. Even experienced snus connoisseurs hardly notice any difference, as the nicotine pouches are made from cellulose.

    The quality of VELO chewing tobacco is subject to strict controls and it is sold exclusively through certified dealers. The completely white pouches prevent teeth from discoloring, which is ideal for those who are concerned about their dental hygiene when using snus.

    The nicotine content varies in VELO products, and the different strengths are easily distinguished by a color code. From the light "Easy" variant to the extremely strong "Max" variant with 20 mg of nicotine per pouch, VELO offers the right option for every taste and level of experience.


    VELO Snus offers different nicotine strengths for different preferences:

    1. Easy: 4 mg nicotine/pouch - beginner-friendly
    2. Medium: 6 mg nicotine/pouch - Mild taste
    3. Strong: 10 mg nicotine/pouch - Strong enjoyment
    4. X-Strong: 11 mg nicotine/pouch - For experienced snus users
    5. Ultra: 15 mg nicotine/pouch - Intense taste
    6. Max: 20 mg nicotine/pouch - Highest strength

    This clear classification allows everyone to choose the right VELO Snus variant according to their personal taste and nicotine needs.


    Using VELO Snus is easy and convenient because the nicotine pouches are offered in bags. By placing the pouch under the upper lip, the effect of the nicotine is gradually released. VELO chewing tobacco is only suitable for oral use and the nicotine pouches should not be swallowed to avoid discomfort. The length of time the pouch remains under the upper lip can be individually selected according to personal preferences. Discover the world of VELO Snus at SnusTrend and experience the ultimate in enjoyment without tobacco.

    10 products
    VELO Mighty Peppermint
    from 5.20
    VELO Icy Berries (SE)
    from 6.80
    VELO Crispy Peppermint
    from 5.20
    VELO Freeze Max (SE)
    VELO Freeze Max (SE)
    from 5.20
    VELO Orange Spark
    from 6.80
    VELO Mango Flame
    from 6.80
    VELO Zest Flame
    from 6.80
    VELO Cinnamon Flame Slim
    from 6.80