Bernard Spruce Needle Snuff 10g

Bernard Fichtennadel Snuff 10g

Bernard Spruce Needle Snuff 10g

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Bernard Spruce Needle Snuff is a classic snus with a history dating back almost 290 years that will give you the most intense and traditional experience. Bernard Spruce Needle Snuff will take you to another dimension of enjoyment. Previously known as Spruce Needle, it is one of the most popular snus products available in 10g plastic cans and boasts the invigorating aroma of spruce needles with an added hint of refreshing menthol.

It has the ideal feel - medium brown and slightly moist, with a finely ground consistency that is perfect for a pleasant experience, and with each inhale, the natural nicotine slowly awakens your senses, leaving you feeling refreshed, energized and completely alive. It's like a breath of fresh air for your insides, giving you the energy to face whatever comes your way.
F Bernard Original Snuff is the ideal companion as it comes in a convenient box with a sliding lid that allows you to take it with you wherever you and your adventures may take you. So why settle for the ordinary when you can have something extraordinary with F Bernard Original Snuff? that will stimulate your senses, awaken your desires and absorb the excitement of every moment.

Try it now and experience a world of pleasant snuff!

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