BARON Classic


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  • Snus Type: All White
  • Bag size: Slim
  • Flavor: Classic
  • Nicotine content: 50 mg/g
  • Tobacco substitute per can: 22 g

BARON is an exclusive brand whose aim is to offer unique flavors and unparalleled strength. Our products are designed exclusively for people looking for a strong and stimulating nicotine experience without the use of tobacco.

BARON Classic Nicotine Pouches offer you an intense and stimulating experience. It is designed for the consumer who expects a higher level of enjoyment. The taste of this product is classic and has been designed to complement the strong nicotine effect, resulting in a balanced and satisfying experience.

BARON Classic contains 50mg/g of nicotine , guaranteeing you that each use of the pouch will be just as strong as the last. All products are manufactured maintaining high quality to enhance your experience with a unique blend of traditional flavors. The elegant look of the can reflects the high quality of its contents, making it an attractive companion for anyone who uses it. Enjoy the strong, traditional taste and exceptional power that only BARON can offer. Each can contains 20 slim pouches, precisely designed to nestle gently and comfortably under the lips. BARON also offers 2 other flavors for you to try - BARON Wintergreen and BARON Menthol. All of BARON's flavors are exclusive to us.

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