WHITE FOX Double Mint

Snus WHITE FOX Double Mint

WHITE FOX Double Mint

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  • Snus Type: All White
  • Bag size: Slim
  • Flavor: Mint Menthol
  • Nicotine content: 16.5 mg/g
  • Tobacco substitute per can: 15 g

The White Fox Double Mint is one of the most refreshing nicotine pouches you will find. This feeling of refreshment is also accompanied by a real energy boost. Are you a real lover of a mint flavor? Then using the White Fox Double Mint is a logical choice!

White Fox is known for its somewhat strong options and has once again launched a product with a relatively high intensity of 16 mg/g nicotine. Thanks to the thinner design, this nicotine pouch fits perfectly under the lip. High ease of use is guaranteed!

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