TrendMix Grape Mix

TrendMix GrapeMix

TrendMix Grape Mix

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The TrendMix Grape Mix combo contains

- Vozol Gear 10000 Grape Ice

- Freeton F-Resin Max 10000 Aloe Vera

This combo is perfect for anyone who loves grape flavored vapes! Enjoy the invigorating and delicious taste of the Vozol Gear 10000 Grape Ice Vape. This delicious blend has an icy, refreshing menthol finish along with the sweet, juicy taste of ripe grapes. Each inhale delivers a rush of delicious fruitiness, and each exhale leaves your palate cool and refreshed. The carefully developed flavor of Grape Ice offers a balanced and enjoyable vaping experience. The cold menthol beautifully balances the sweetness of the grapes, creating a delicious and refreshing blend of flavors. Enjoy the delicious taste of the Vozol Gear 10000 Grape Ice Vape and take your vaping to the next level.

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