Pöschl JBR Yellow Snuff

Pöschl JBR Yellow Snuff

Pöschl JBR Yellow Snuff

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Product information JBR Yellow

JBR Snuff Black from Pöschl comes in a 10g plastic tin with a practical sliding opening.

For many snuff lovers, Pöschl is the ultimate brand: Gletscherpise, Gawith Original and Ozona Snuffs have earned the German tobacco company an excellent reputation.

The company has been producing snuff since 1902. The snuff is finely ground, slightly moist and medium brown in color.


When you open the can, you are hit by a strong peppermint smell. There is also a lemony scent in the background, which is most reminiscent of a lemon cake.

In the nose, strong mint notes initially dominate the snuff, with lemon nuances noticeable from the start. These gradually gain in strength and form a great duet with menthol.

A harmonious combination of lemon fruit, subtle orange and sparkling menthol, finally underlined by barely perceptible, slightly spicy tobacco.

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