Pöschl JBR Blue Snuff

Pöschl JBR Blue Snuff

Pöschl JBR Blue Snuff

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Product information JBR Blue

JBR Snuff Black from Pöschl comes in a 10g plastic tin with a practical sliding opening.

For many snuff lovers, Pöschl is the ultimate brand: Gletscherpise, Gawith Original and Ozona Snuffs have earned the German tobacco company an excellent reputation.

The company has been producing snuff since 1902. The snuff is finely ground, slightly moist and medium brown in color.


Especially for snuff aficionados, a smell test is a must, because it exudes a refreshing candy aroma - something that has so far been sought in vain in the world of snuff.

The nose then reveals that this aroma - and JBR Blue Snuff - is indeed a strength. A decent dose of menthol is refreshing at first, but quickly dissipates, leaving behind a well-deserved sweet, refreshing, fruity rock candy scent.

The aroma is tangy and will certainly bring back childhood memories for some snuff fans. Finally, the snuff is defined by a sweet and fresh note, so that in the end it should be noted that only a light hint of tobacco can be felt.
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