PABLO Ice Cold

Snus PABLO Ice Cold

PABLO Ice Cold

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  • Snus Type: All White
  • Bag size: Slim
  • Flavor: mint
  • Nicotine content: 30 mg/g
  • Tobacco substitute per can: 500 g

Tired of using the same old nicotine pouch? Experience a touch of icy wildness with PABLO Ice Cold. Imagine your taste sensations being overwhelmed by a rush of cold, crisp freshness that lingers long after each pouch is finished.

Each sachet releases a delicious burst of mint that refreshes your taste buds and stimulates your senses. A cold sensation fills your mouth, as if you were biting into a fresh peppermint leaf, leaving you wanting more. It provides a long-lasting, refreshing experience that lasts all day. When you need a quick burst of freshness that will invigorate your senses and keep you going, this is the ideal companion.

To ensure you always have enough, each pouch holds up to 20 to satisfy all your intense cravings. With their high-quality ingredients and sleek, beautiful design, these expertly crafted pouches fit perfectly under your lips, delivering an intense nicotine rush whenever and wherever you want, ensuring you always have a consistent, enjoyable experience.

With PABLO Ice Cold you can enhance your nicotine experience while pampering your taste buds. Enjoy the cold mint flavor and immerse yourself in a world of indulgence, sophistication and absolute sensory pleasure. It's time to raise your standards; try PABLO Ice Cold now.

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