McChrystal's The Original & Genuine 8.75g

McChrystal's The Original & Genuine 8.75g

McChrystal's The Original & Genuine 8.75g

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Product information McChrystal's The Original & Genuine 8.75g

McChrystal's Original & Genuine is a classic English snuff available in traditional tins of 3.5g, 4.4g, 8.75g or 21g.

The British manufacturer has been producing snuff since 1926 and has now achieved cult status worldwide. High-quality nose balms with an exciting aromatic effect are also appreciated in Germany.

Typical of British snuff, McChrystal's snuff is finely ground, dry and medium to light brown in color.


Sniffing the can brings the menthol together with the half sweet, half hay tobacco to the nose.

This is a balanced classic. It only really unfolds in the nose: the menthol is so strongly dosed that it practically blows out of your nose. However, McChrystal's Original & Genuine is not a clumsy menthol hammer, because shortly after the penetrating freshness, the subtly sweet, slightly spicy tobacco comes into action.

This complex overall aroma combines with delicate eucalyptus and citrus notes before the snuff fades into strong tobacco notes.

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