The advantages of snus compared to other tobacco products

Snus is a form of tobacco that is very popular in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. Compared to other tobacco products such as cigarettes or pipe tobacco, snus offers several advantages. Here are some of them:

  1. No smoke

Unlike cigarettes or pipes, snus is not smoked but placed under the lip. This means that no smoke is produced and therefore no passive smokers are bothered. There is also no smoke that gets into the lungs of the user and therefore no health risks from smoking arise.

  1. discretion

Because snus is not smoked, it is more discreet than other tobacco products. Consuming snus is less conspicuous in public and is perceived by many people as less disruptive than smoking cigarettes or pipes.

  1. Less odor

Snus produces less odor than other tobacco products. This is because the tobacco is not burned. This means there is less nuisance from the smell of tobacco.

  1. No ashes

Snus does not produce ash, which makes it easier to use. There is no need to use ashtrays or clean up the ash.

  1. Long lasting taste

Snus comes in many different flavors and some varieties also contain flavors such as mint or licorice. The taste of snus lasts longer compared to other tobacco products, which many people find pleasant.

  1. Fewer health risks

Although snus also carries health risks, these are lower than those associated with other tobacco products such as cigarettes. Snus contains fewer harmful substances than cigarette smoke and the health risks associated with snus consumption, such as an increased risk of oral and esophageal cancer, are lower than those associated with smokers.


Snus has several advantages compared to other tobacco products. It is not smoked, is more discreet and causes less odor. There are also fewer health risks and the long-lasting taste is appreciated by many people.

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