Supreme Banana Milkshake

Supreme Banana Milkshake
Supreme Banana Milkshake

Supreme Banana Milkshake

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  • Snus Type: Slim
  • Bag size:
  • Flavor: Banana milkshake
  • Nicotine content: 50 mg/g
  • Tobacco substitute per can:
Discover the Supreme Banana Milkshake: A tasty and refreshing snus experience for connoisseurs!

Are you craving a sweet and creamy treat? Here comes Supreme Banana Milkshake Snus - a nicotine pouch with an irresistible blend of ripe bananas and the intense taste of a creamy milkshake. The slim format and impressive 150 mg of nicotine per pouch ensure that every hit is a powerful kick of flavor and energy.

In each can you will find 20 pouches of the delicious Supreme Banana Milkshake, which is the ideal choice for lovers of a strong and satisfying snus experience. But be warned - this product is not for beginners. The incredibly strong strength makes it best suited for experienced snus users.

Add a sweet and creamy touch to your day with the Supreme Banana Milkshake, without the concerns of tobacco consumption. So, what are you waiting for? Get the Supreme Banana Milkshake today and treat yourself to a refreshing and tasty snus experience that will delight the senses! 🍌🥤
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