Pöschl Ozona S-Type 5g

Pöschl Ozona S-Type 5g

Pöschl Ozona S-Type 5g

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Product information Pöschl Ozona S-Type

Pöschl Ozona S-Type is sold in 5g round tins with a practical twist-off opening. For many snuff lovers, Pöschl is the ultimate brand:

Glacierpise, Gawith Original and Ozona Snuffs have earned the German manufacturer an excellent reputation. The company has been producing snuff since 1902.

The snuff is finer in texture, slightly moist and medium brown in color.


First impression of the can: mint! Green mint and a hint of menthol also play a role. If you snuff, this is the impression you get.

The aroma of mint is key and complements that of spearmint. Over time, a light dose of menthol underpins the duo, which quickly fades away.

There is hardly any trace of tobacco; only a trained nose can smell it.

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