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    Loose snus is a form of snus, a traditional Scandinavian tobacco product popular primarily in Sweden and Norway. Unlike portioned snus pouches that are individually wrapped, loose snus is a loose, finely ground tobacco blend. This variant requires manual portioning and is placed directly under the upper lip.

    The loose consistency allows the user to adjust the amount of snus used according to personal taste and preference. It is often perceived as stronger than portioned snus because users can dose the amount of tobacco themselves.

    The flavor of loose snus can vary from brand to brand, ranging from traditional, earthy tobacco flavors to various flavored options. It is important to note that snus is generally considered a harmful alternative to smoking, although some argue that it may be a less risky option. Nevertheless, the consumption of tobacco products remains associated with health risks, and their use should be done with caution and in moderation.
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